# 006 - VueConf Toronto 2019: The Best Of


This year's VueConf in Toronto had a lot to offer! It gathered many members of the Vue.js Core team and other Vue.js heavy users who shared many exciting nuggets of wisdom!

A few members of the VueMontreal community had the chance to attend. We asked some of them to share one or two of the best learnings they took away from it.


Emilie Touchette

What is accessibility in a web context? Who is it important for? Why should we, as software developers (or companies), be interested in it today? How do we do it?

Constant Vallée Schmitter

What is Gridsome? What is a JAMstack? Learn how you can easily make static and performant websites with Gridsome and GraphQL.

Florent Giraud

Florent will explore some good practices to apply to a Nuxt project. Most of these practices can also be applied to non-Nuxt projects, but we will see how Nuxt greatly facilitates their implementation.

Tommy Lebel

Tommy will explore the new Vue3 Composition API basics: Why should we care about it? What problem does it solves? In bonus, you will find other exciting Vue 3.0 new features at the end of the slides.