# 012 - 5 à 7 Virtuel Vue Montreal (Bilingue)

Special "casual" 5 à 7 event open for all!

This meetup will be hosted in Zoom as a social meetup to talk about all things Vue! Recording of this event will NOT be enabled so anyone can feel free to talk without having to be perfect. We will open with a round of introductions so be prepared to tell us who you are! If you wish to share video that is completely up to you.

If you are new to Vue bring some questions!

If you know Vue, bring your stories!

If you want to do a 5-minute screen share demo that is cool too.

We will limit the screen share time so we can cover many subjects of discussion.

Ryan Weal from Kafei Interactive (https://kafei.dev/) will moderate the Zoom room. Bring your own beer! 🍻