# 014 - Vue 3.0 Composition API [online event]

In this Virtual Meetup, Fernando Alvarez will explore the new Vue 3.0 Composition API. Now that Vue 3.0 reached the Release Candidate stage, it's the perfect time to get ready for it :)

Fernando will go over why you should care about the Composition API - what are the advantages, how it works in theory, and go through a hands-on demo of it using TypeScript.


18 h 05 - Opening words
18 h 10 - Vue 3.0 Composition API by Fernando Alvarez
18 h 30 - Demo
19 h 00 - Question & Answers
19 h 20 - Open mic for community announcement
19 h 30 - Closing words


Fernando Alvarez

Fernando Alvarez is a Software Developer with more than 5 years experience working in different industries such as Aerospace, Consulting, TV & Media, and E-commerce. As well as 3 years experience working with VueJS/NuxtJS. He loves coffee, crafted beer and videogames.