Upcoming Events

015 - Advanced Vue pattern, renderless components [online event]

In this Virtual Meetup, Stéphane Reiss will explain why renderless components can be useful and he will show you how to build them!


18 h 05 - Opening words
18 h 10 - Advanced Vue pattern, Renderless components by Stéphane Reiss
18 h 30 - Demo
19 h 00 - Question & Answers
19 h 20 - Open mic for community announcement
19 h 30 - Closing words


Stéphane Reiss is a full-stack web developer, working at Alayacare since 2015. He contributed to Alayacare's frontend migration from a legacy application to Vue.js. He is working heavily with Vue.js since 2017.

Past Events

014 - Vue 3.0 Composition API [online event]

In this Virtual Meetup, Fernando Alvarez will explore the new Vue 3.0 Composition API. Now that Vue 3.0 reached the Release Candidate stage, it's the perfect time to get ready for it :)

Fernando will go over why you should care about the Composition API - what are the advantages, how it works in theory, and go through a hands-on demo of it using TypeScript.


18 h 05 - Opening words
18 h 10 - Vue 3.0 Composition API by Fernando Alvarez
18 h 30 - Demo
19 h 00 - Question & Answers
19 h 20 - Open mic for community announcement
19 h 30 - Closing words


Hello Vue Montrealers :)

As part of the international Vue communities, we wanted to share this event with you. The Vue communities listed below will present at the next World Vue online event!

The event will be on Saturday, July 18, 2020 at noon (12:00) Montreal time!

You don't need to RSVP to this event on Vue Montreal Meetup page.

You MUST though register on the official event page:



013 - Special: NuxtJS Team Guests: Static sites + SEO

Vue Montreal Community is pleased to host Debbie O'Brien and Alexander Lichter, both NuxtJS development team members and fantastic speakers! Of course, the theme of the event will be NuxtJS :)

Please note: this event will exceptionally happen at lunchtime (Montreal time) to accommodate our speakers who will be from speaking from their hometowns in Europe!


SEO in a NuxtJS World - by Alexander Lichter
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be decisive for the success and the revenue of your projects. But when it comes to Vue.js and SEO, there are many controversial opinions about the impact of Vue on SEO efforts. In this talk, we will go through the basics of SEO and examine best practices and their implementations with the help of vue-meta and Nuxt.js.

Full Static with Nuxt.js - by Debbie O'Brien
Static sites have many benefits, from costs to performance and even reducing the carbon footprint. And with the new static module from Nuxt static is going to a whole new level. Static sites are the future, and they can be used for more than just blogs.

12 h 05 - Opening word
12 h 10 - SEO in a NuxtJS World - by Alexander Lichter
12 h 35 - Questions & Answers
12 h 45 - Open mic for community announcement
12 h 50 - Full Static with Nuxt.js - by Debbie O'Brien
13 h 15 - Questions & Answers
13 h 25 - Closing word

012 - 5 à 7 Virtuel Vue Montreal (Bilingue)

Special "casual" 5 à 7 event open for all!

This meetup will be hosted in Zoom as a social meetup to talk about all things Vue! Recording of this event will NOT be enabled so anyone can feel free to talk without having to be perfect. We will open with a round of introductions so be prepared to tell us who you are! If you wish to share video that is completely up to you.

If you are new to Vue bring some questions!

If you know Vue, bring your stories!

If you want to do a 5-minute screen share demo that is cool too.

We will limit the screen share time so we can cover many subjects of discussion.

Ryan Weal from Kafei Interactive (https://kafei.dev/) will moderate the Zoom room. Bring your own beer! 🍻

011 - CSS in Vue Components [online event]

In this Virtual Meetup, Stéphane Reiss will explore the different ways Vue.js allows us to integrate CSS in our Vue Components:

1. CSS in SFCs

2. Scoped styles

3. Module styles

4. Pre Processors

He will show examples and explain how they work under the hood. By better understanding those details, you will make more educated choices when deciding which CSS strategy to use, and you will be better equipped to debug any CSS related issue in a Vue.js application.

009 - ORGA - Presentation of the new website vuemontreal.org

The "orga" type meetings deal with topics about the organization of the Vue.js Montreal community.

The goal of this meeting is to present the new vuemontreal.org website (Nuxt.js + Tailwind + Storyblok + Netlify) and to explain the system in place on Github to participate in its evolution.

This is not to be missed if you want to participate in the evolution of the community website or if you are simply curious to discover the underbelly of a Nuxt.js website!

A link to access the conference will be provided on this page between now and the meeting.

008 - TDD strategies for testing your Vuejs applications


Our next meetup will address the topic of test automation for Vuejs applications.

Marc Poulin from Kafei Interactive will explain how Test Driven Development (TDD) helped him integrate his web development team, through the "3 amigos" philosophy, automated testing with Puppeteer, mocha and chai and with Cypress.io. Finally, he listed the advantages of Cypress.io over Puppeteer, Mocha and Chai.

006 - VueConf Toronto 2019: The Best Of


This year's VueConf in Toronto had a lot to offer! It gathered many members of the Vue.js Core team and other Vue.js heavy users who shared many exciting nuggets of wisdom!

A few members of the VueMontreal community had the chance to attend. We asked some of them to share one or two of the best learnings they took away from it.

005 - Introductory workshop to NuxtJS


For the Vue Montreal meetup #005, we will have the chance to have a NuxtJS workshop (https://nuxtjs.org/)!

NuxtJS is a framework that helps you build Vue.js applications faster. NuxtJS also allows server-side rendering (universal SSR), which is very useful for applications that require quality SEO.

This workshop is for anyone interested in discovering NuxtJS while getting hands-on experience.

A theoretical presentation on NuxtJS will be followed by the hands-on workshop where you will be able to build your first NuxtJS application.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

004 - Inner workings of a JavaScript Framework


This meetup is targeted for the beginner to intermediate front-end developers interested in understanding why we need JavaScript frameworks in today's world, and how they work -- and more specifically how Vue.js works.

If you're a beginner, you'll understand the value of using a JavaScript framework in your day to day life.

003 - NightClazz: VueJS Introduction


In collaboration with Zenika Montreal, we will have the chance to have a NightClazz Vue.js workshop! This workshop is for anyone interested in discovering Vue.js while getting their hands dirty.

What is a Zenika NightClazz?

NightClazz are Codelab / Hands-on evenings where Zenika combines theory and practice.

Vuejs Montreal - First edition: Introduction to Vuejs 🎉


The purpose of this first evening is to discover the advantages of Vue.js. Whether to create a whole application, or to integrate it progressively into an existing application, we will see how Vue.js is a flexible, practical and easy to use "framework".